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  1. I'm having troubles accessing my account - suhel4lyf

    Hello, my account is "suhel4lyf" and i was recently unbanned. When i type my password, it says "Incorrect" and i am wondering if anyone can help me out.
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    Suhel4lyf - Goodbye :)

    I have tried my best to make a deal with some of the staff members and it did not go well. I guess it's goodbye to you all. For the past Few years I have had a lot of fun and I wish you ALL the best...
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    suhel4lyf - @Gucci

    The account which has been banned is 'suhel4lyf'

    I did NOT receive any warnings, I did NOT scam or SELL the fake item as I have mentioned in my last post I have cancled the trade as I did not...
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    suhel4lyf ( Gucci, Please read)

    I understand what I have done wrong, I should not have attempted to trade a 'fake throne' and a 'monkey balloon item' to 'TheChosenOne..' This has been a huge misunderstanding and I also understand...
  5. I was set up, harassed and I got Banned + Wiped

    Account banned: suhel4lyf

    I have been playing Fresh ever since 2012, I was looking to buy thrones off people until I came across a user named something like *TheChosenOne..* who tried to rip me...
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