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Thread: Don't know why I was banned?

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    Unhappy Don't know why I was banned?

    Include username of the account that was banned : Exempted

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Sox

    Expiry date : 13 March 2028

    Email of the account in question :

    Reason for the ban : They had no specified reason for my ban. However, I believe it was due to one of my friends friend was in the room and they we're talking to one of my friends. But Sox doesn't like this user. I have no idea about the whole issue.

    Why the ban should be lifted? : I was not talking to this user, it was my friend in my room talking to them. I currently was away from my laptop but noticed one of my friends friend was in the room and they we're talking. But I asked my friend why would I have been banned for? And she told me this story about this user and Sox had a issue with each other. However I don't know why I was dragged into this whole issue. I just was doing nothing, next thing I knew I seen banned until 2028. I never spoke to this user but the day before (having no idea Sox and them had a bad relationship or what not you want to call it.) In my honest opinion I don't believe I should be banned, I did nothing wrong in my eyes. I never felt as if I was threatening or being a bully by association of this user. I never wanted anything to do with the user my self. I was just on to talk to people I already knew.. But some how I was able to re-register and log back onto fresh and I was trying to mention this to Sox and Kane but I was automatically banned when I tried to mention it. Also I am sorry if this is a threat by talking to this user as if I do not really know, or understand the whole situation and I just want to be dropped out of it. I will not talk to the user if they ever come back to me and I will just report it right away. Thank you for your time if you read this it would mean a lot to me if the ban was lifted thanks and hope to be back on fresh soon! I miss it.
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    Sox has confirmed this incident and has sent me discreet instructions in turning down this appeal.


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