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Thread: Fantasy Roleplay, Paragraph only.

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    Red face Fantasy Roleplay, Paragraph only.

    Yes hello. I'm currently looking for people who are looking to honestly roleplay. This will be of course fantasy but there isn't gonna be any bullshit of one sentence replies or text talking. No, this is going to be a MATURE roleplay in which everyone must reply with a a paragraph(a 5 sentence minimum for each post.) Before we begin and if you are truly willing to continuously participate, I am asking for a character sheet, which you must fill out to participate. If not, you will be excluded and no one shall reply to you, but you'll fill that out AFTER you read the rules.
    1) You can NOT god mod in anyway. No, you cannot officially inflict a death/wound upon a character unless the owner of said character confirms it. I shouldn't need to give examples.
    2) No unnecessary drama, PLEASE. Nothing else is needed to be said about that.
    3) All participants must reply in a full length paragraph(as stated above, 5 sentence minimum) with as much proper grammar as possible. Sure, if you accidentally misspell something, that's fine but no abbreviations, no acronyms, keep cursing at a minimum please. No sailor tongued characters please, be considerate.
    4) Have fun and interact with characters! Ghost characters are kinda lame to be honest and are wasting other people's time. If you have nothing else to post, then simply say "skip"
    5) Every character in this roleplay from beginning to end must have filled out an information sheet before their first appearance post. This is listed below and everything in it must be filled out in full detail since this will help the others in their wanting to interact.
    6) NO MARY SUES, PLEASE.Be original with your character creation and stay true to your character sheet. Yes, a character can develop over the course of time but cannot shift to a whole different personality in one night.

    Now for the Character Sheet: Be sure to fill out every aspect with as much detail as you can manage. AND YES, WE EXPECT A SAMPLE POST TO SEE YOUR SKILLS. This will not effect your acceptance, we just like to see how well you can put effort into something. uwu Thank you!
    Blood Type:
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color(this can also apply to fur color):
    Skin Type(ex. smooth, scaly, ect):
    Skin Color(ex. tan, blue, speckled/freckled...ect.):
    Personality(can just be a list of words):
    Backstory(Min. 6 sentences. Max, 12):
    Parents, with life status:
    Social Status:
    Example Post(Min. 5 sentences):

    Once you are finished with this, post it in a reply below and I will get back to you on if you need to fix some things or not. Once accepted, you must post your entry post within 48 hours to your acceptance! Thank you for participating and I hope we can all have fun with this LET THE FUN BEGIN!!

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    oo this is too long to do :{ am lazy

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    This style is also known as "bracket RP" or "casual RP", among other names(like "stupidity easy Rp"). As the name "casual RP" implies, this type of roleplay is accessible to everyone. The reason for this is that it's easy to grasp and easy to start. However, script-style roleplays will rarely offer much character development or plot advancement; it's usually used as a "pick-up-and-go" roleplay for fooling around. The posts in a script-style roleplay will usually start with the name of the character which will be involved in the post, followed by dialog and action done by that character, and possibly, in-between the name of the character and the dialog, an emotion, most often in parentheses, with which the dialog will be spoken and the actions done.

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