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Thread: FreshBox - Version 2 Previews & Previous News

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    FreshBox - Version 2 Previews & Previous News

    I'd personally like to thank everyone that has replied to the previous thread and personally supported FreshBox through the months.

    In roughly the March Month we opened FreshBox with of course, Aaron (JustAaronn), Dave (Bitrate) & Naxtion (Naxtion). FreshBox opened Version 1 two weeks after launching. Our Version One had a few bugs and issues like every normal fansite would of course.

    We started to get lazy and die down about the site and physically went into our own lives, as we had exams, revisions and every thing else in our lives and couldn't find no one else to help us with the site for a long while when...

    MAY & JUNE
    Someone came along saying "I'll help you with FreshBox, just send me cPanel, ect..." so we'll had a thought about this and we thought, alright lets give this lad a go and let's see where he can get us for the next few months and then go from there, but...

    On the 17th of July, we'll sat down, Aaron, Dave & Naxtion and thought... This BRB Screen had been up for 2 months and there's been no real live DJ's and no staff members so we apologised to this lad and said to ourselves, exams are over for a few of us and work isn't as hard so we officially re-launched FreshBox, proudly with our maintenance.

    We know we may be disliked or what not due to us closing in the past, then opening then this today... We're sorry and want to show you how sorry we're by launching Version 2!

    There is no specific date at the moment but stay around because in the next few days there shall be.


    Because we love you, here are a few snippets.
    We can't post many at the moment in time due to most of the features and the site no maintainable to post.
    We don't want to release much due to this as a surprise of course!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Untitled-5.jpg 
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ID:	298
    More Images to come, bare with us !


    FreshBox Founder
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