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Thread: Properly named catalogue items (And categorized) and Catalogue search function

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    Properly named catalogue items (And categorized) and Catalogue search function

    It sucks trying to find an item in a huge selection of themes. I think it would be nice to have a search function - which would require the names to be changed from the strange German/Developer names they currently hold. (I would LOVE to help with this if no one feels like tackling the huge selection.) Maybe have item tags for each item. (Again, I will help with this if need be)

    I also would like to see the categories to be better sorted. I often find items of another category in something that is not even related. I'll provide examples of this if asked, cause I can't be bothered to look right now.

    I hope at least THESE options are possible, because if not, then what IS possible with this emulator? It seems pretty damn limited. x.x

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    As Jonty has said already its not possible to add a search function into the catalogue due to the SWF version and emulator. As for renaming items and categories its up to @Kane if this happens bearing in mind it is a VERY timely task.

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