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Thread: VIP gone! [IMPORTANT]

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    VIP gone! [IMPORTANT]

    Hey guys, I havent been on Fresh in a long long time as i only got a new laptop, did the website get reset or something because before i left i had alot more money and other things but one thing i noticed is that my vip was gone, I could always enter the area in the catalogue where only people that paid could enter, i remember buying it. Is there any way you can check my user name or anything so that i can prove that i have had it before, and I did have alot more money before i left cause when i came back on i had exactly 20 million and no way did i leave with that litte as im pretty sure i had over 300 million. I really do love this website and was really looking forward to getting back on to it to play again!
    Username : tickk

    Please help me out here, Thanks !

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    credits reset, vip now has new packages worth more with better commands so you'll hav to purchase the new one. Welcome back

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