Community Guidelines

The following guidelines have been created to ensure that the community understands their boundaries. All of the following dot points are things you must not do!


Double posting
Creating multiple ban appeals
Replying to threads 3-4 times without a reply
Creating off-topic threads
Spamming visitor messages
Spamming private messages
Abuse of the like system


Avoiding a forum ban
Creating multiple accounts
Promoting scam sites
Inappropriate forum signature/profile picture
Inappropriate or harassing information
Releasing private information


Abusing another user or users
Harassing another user or users
Making users feel uncomfortable
Slurring staff members
Advertising a retro or hotel
Disrespect to human rights


Bullying on the Fresh Forums is strictly prohibited. We have a zero tolerance bullying policy, and it is enforced greatly. The forums are a place of information gathering, and a community hub for all to enjoy. Respect the community, and get along. Bullying on the Fresh Forums will result in your account being banned indefinitely. If you are being bullied, you are to report the user immediately if you want the situation to be dealt with. Be responsable.


Fansites at Fresh have the right to advertise on ur services. If a fansite breaches our fansite rules, they will be notified on the forum by @Jayydenn that they will no longer be permitted to advertise on any of our services at Fresh. Fansites that have been denied approval to advertise on our services, will get a review date when the suspension will be reviewed again. It is you receive the message, it is your job to follow up the suspension date. Fansite rules are located by visiting the Fansites section on the forums.

Fansites are managed and constantly reviewed by @Jayydenn. If you found a fansite that is being non compliant to these rules, contact with any information you can provide.


Linking in posts and other parts of the forum is moderated highly. Linking to a website in which supports scam sites, will be instantly removed and your account banned. Linking to malware and malicious websites and/or anything else that would annoy or upset a user is prohibited on the forums. Disobeying our linking policy will result in a forum ban.

Appeal & Reporting Policy

As you are aware, we accept ban appeals, scam reports, and user reports. If any of these reports include personal or embarrassing information about a user that would make them feel uncomfortable and open, the post will be removed, and you will be warned. If it is continued on your behalf, infractions will be issued. Repeat offenders may have their permission revoked from the report categories or may have their forum account banned. Creating multiple threads after your appeal has been reviewed and dealt with will easily result in high infractions, revoking report access, or a forum ban.