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Thread: Fansite Rules

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    Fansite Rules

    Fansite Rules

    Fansites are the heart of Fresh. Without them, we wouldn't have the entertainment of the radio, cool events, and a fun way to explore more things Fresh! But, they have rules in which they must follow at all times. If fansites decide they do not want to comply, harsh consequences will follow.


    • Don't promote scam sites
    • Never spam the hotel with your URL to the fansite
    • Never steal a password that a user has entered on your site
    • Never ask a Fresh user's password
    • Never promote yourself as apart of the Fresh team
    • Fansites must never promote another retro other than Fresh
    • Don't start a feud with another fansite
    • Never reveal a user's IP
    • Respect the user's privacy
    • Be polite - you're representing Fresh
    • Never allow an uncontrolled staff environment
    • Never allow fansite staff to spam the hotel
    • Staff are your responsibility. If they do something, you may be liable for the consequence
    • Never slur staff
    • Your forum must be moderated around the clock
    • Never ever protest the decisions of Fresh management
    • Don't discuss a suspended fansite

    Advertising Policy

    No matter how fancy your fansite is, you absolutely must not spam about it on Fresh unless it is your dedicated room for the fansite.

    If a fansite breaches our advertising policy, they will be warned. If they continue to breach the very simple policy, extra consequences will be issued to the offending fansite.

    Non Compliance

    Breaking a fansite rule is most certainly not permitted. If you break a rule, you will receive a message on the forum from @Jayydenn stating that you broke a rule. The consequence may be just a warning, or it may be totally revoking your permission to advertise on Fresh services all together. Depending on the rules, and how frequently you are not compliant to these simple rules. Consequences aren't available to appeal, so be warned.

    Fansites at Fresh have the right to advertise on our services. If a fansite breaches our fansite rules, they will be notified on the forum by @Jayydenn stating that they will no longer be permitted to advertise on any of our services at Fresh. Depending on the rule that is broken, and your previous non compliance, you may get a warning, but that is not guaranteed. Fansites that have been revoked permission to advertise on our services will get a review date for when the suspension will be reviewed again. If it is you that receives the forum message, it is your responsibility to follow up the suspension date.

    Reporting Abuse

    If you found a fansite that is breaching an above rule, you can report it to @Jayydenn by emailing him » with any information you may have regarding the abuse.

    Fansites are managed and constantly reviewed by @Jayydenn. If you found a fansite that is being non compliant to these rules, contact with any information you can provide.

    Advertising Revoked

    If you have your advertising revoked from our services, that means you are not permitted to advertise or speak about your fansite on ANY service hosted and ran by Fresh. If you do, you will be banned as if you are an advertiser for a hotel. Having your permission revoked is serious, and takes a long time for you to regain it back. If you fail to comply with having your permission revoked, your account will be banned from our services. Take that as a warning now. Please also understand that having your permission revoked can not be appealed. The decisions by @Jayydenn regarding fansites remain final. Be advised.
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