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Thread: Fresh Hotel | Sponsored Events Guidelines

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    Fresh Hotel | Sponsored Events Guidelines

    Sponsored Events Guidelines

    Lately, we have seen a major increase in the sponsoring of events. While these events have been sponsored, our Moderation Team has received reports of abuse from the room host, and even some scamming reports. Now, these are the guidelines.

    • Always give out the prize you said you would
    • Never scam
    • Don't abuse players
    • Don't just randomly stop hosting
    • You must host at least 5 events
    • You must also comply with the Fresh Rules
    • Don't kick user's just because you can
    • You must pay full attention and keep your events in order
    • Make sure everyone knows the rules on how to play
    • Keep it fair
    • Your events room must be fully functional with no glitches
    • Your prize must be a rare

    The Moderation Team, depending on your history will sponsor your event. If you breach any of the above rules, your event will be closed, and you could face a possible 2 week or longer ban. A Moderator will regularly monitor the sponsored event.
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