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Thread: A personal radio station for Fresh?

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    A personal radio station for Fresh?

    Good evening everyone,

    I'm just curious on how people felt about a personal radio station for Fresh? Why not put all these fancies as one and keep it at one? I'm looking through the fansite list and they're all dead or are not open anymore.

    With a good financial background, I could bring Fresh their own radio and fansite on top of it.

    With the use of Auto DJ, we could make sure the radio is online 24/7, however, we should bring in DJ's from our own hotel and give our DJ's a chance to get themselves more popular into the hotel.

    With 3 different timezones, we could create 3 different teams to create a viral station with DJs from Australia, UK, Canada and everywhere else.

    With experience of managing and owning Habbo Fansites, my experience could bring high quality ownership and with some former Habbo legends, create a team that will get the Fresh users to tune in 24/7.

    'Fresh Radio - Bringing you the freshest hits'

    So, @Kane , how do you feel about this idea?



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    No thanks we're fine with our capital fm.

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