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Thread: [TPL] Creating a Feedback & Vouch Thread [TPL]

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    [TPL] Creating a Feedback & Vouch Thread [TPL]

    Dealer Feedback & Vouch Threads Template

    If you are creating your feedback and vouch thread in this section of the forum, then you must provide at least the following information:

    1. * Registered username on Fresh Hotel.
    2. * Registration date associated with the username you provided (1 month, 6 months, 1 year...).
    3. * Usual bets you take (1T, 5T, 10T, 100T...).
    4. Embedded picture of your casino if you own one.

    (the fields marked with * are required)

    Provide any additional information that you deem necessary to further advertise yourself as a trusted casino dealer; be creative, it's your feedback and vouch thread.

    You do not have to follow the aforementioned list as the format for your thread, however, your thread must provide at least the aforementioned information -- in any format that appeals to you.
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