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Thread: Trusted Dealers Initiative

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    Trusted Dealers Initiative

    Trusted Dealers Initiative


    Gambling is a high-risk, high-reward activity. Whether you purchased your rare furniture from the store or traded with other users, unfairly losing your rare furniture is a tough burden. The trusted dealer initiative identifies those users who are considered by this community to be trusted to take your bets.

    First Steps

    If you are someone who frequently gambles and pays each bet they take, then the first step is to create your feedback and vouch thread in this section of the forum. On this thread, other users who gamble with you can provide their feedback and vouch that you payout every bet you take. Before creating this thread, read this template.

    The next step is on-going; providing feedback for other users who you gamble with and vouch that they payout every bet you make.


    There are three classifications of trusted dealers; bronze, silver, and gold trusted dealers respectively. Furthermore, each classification is identified in the hotel by a trusted badge. See this thread for more information.


    Q: Can I lose my bronze, silver, or gold trusted dealer status after obtaining it?
    A: Yes, if you are caught scamming or you vouched for another dealer that is caught scamming.

    Q: If I vouch for another dealer and he/she is caught scamming, what happens?
    A: If you have a dealer feedback and vouch thread, then you must create a new feedback and vouch thread and all previous feedback and vouches for you are nullified. Furthermore, if you were a bronze, silver, or gold trusted dealer, then you will lose that status and all privileges associated with it.

    Q: If my dealer feedback and vouch thread is reset, can users who vouched for me before the reset vouch for me again?
    A: Yes.

    Q: How many feedback and vouches do I need to earn bronze, silver, and gold trusted dealer respectively?
    A: See this thread.

    Q: Can I create a dealer feedback and vouch thread for an alternate account of mine?
    A: No, you can only create one feedback and vouch thread, and it must be for your main account.

    Q: Can I post negative feedback for another dealer?
    A: Yes, and if the dealer scammed you, then report him/her here.
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    The program now has a new badge.

    @TheJacob & @Kylie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kane View Post
    The program now has a new badge.

    @TheJacob & @Kylie
    Love it!

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