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Thread: Section Rules for Values

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    Post Section Rules for Values

    Hello, Members!

    We've tried in the past to enforce our own values on Fresh Hotel but the majority of users didn't necessarily agree with our way of managing the values.

    So I've come up with an alternative method of having a community managed values system, where people can post values in the thread and contribute towards having the values adjusted.

    Please be aware one single person staff or not staff DOES NOT have the power to change values, it would have to be a variety of highly respected members of the community unanimously agreeing with the changes before it sticks, this can be done by commenting on the thread.

    Here are just some general rules i'd like to enforce so we're all on the same boat.

    You can contribute to the thread and add values as you wish as long as they're reputable and not guesses.

    You may add values un-valued currently into the thread and wait for the thread creator to respond and have the changes added.

    Be able to civilly discuss a disagreement without being children on a valued furniture.

    Avoid arguing with anyone over anything that is on the thread, if caught then you will be dealt with by a member of staff on Fresh Forums.

    Please remember that NOBODY (Yes, Staff included) has the ability to control the values, as it's valued by 5 + reputable members of our trading community before changes are saved.
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