Friday Night Live (FNL)
Every Friday at 9:00 PM till 12:30 AM UK/London.

- Do not use HTTPS://

Don't miss the internets number one Party Weekender Starter show, Friday Night Live(FNL). Infant, Friday Night Live has been around in the past but FeelFresh recently bought the Copyright for Friday Night Live along with the show.

What can FNL do for other radios/fansites?
  1. - FNL (Friday Night Live) - Can be broadcasted on your radio using our radio details and an awesome radio player - supplied by FeelFresh.
  2. Friday Night Live can also bring you a lot of listeners every Friday
  3. You may think "But FeelFresh's Radio will broadcast even when FNL isnt on?" - Don't worry, FNL will only broadcast on your site from 9 PM - 12:30 AM meaning other DJ's will not be able to broadcast during these hours unless stated otherwise and FNL will be a perm show.
  4. We use our own Radio Details, we just input them in the "Special FF Radio Player" supplied for nothing from FeelFresh.
  5. - We will never ask for your Radio Connection Details.
  6. - An standard Radio DJ or dedicated user-group on your Staffing Portal will need to be made in order to receive Requests, etc for FNL. - However if you do not like this idea, no worries! FNL has an number which listeners can call for 35p.

Do you need more information on becoming an FNL - Partner? Contact us today via e-Mail which is OR Personal Message "FeelFresh" on the Fresh Hotel Forums.

Every Friday from 9:00 PM to 12:30 AM UK/London Time.

- Do not use HTTPS://