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Thread: Scam Report: ImTrusted Scams 40t

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    Scam Report: ImTrusted Scams 40t

    Scam Report Format

    Before posting a scam report thread, make sure you're including everything below. If any details are missing or you did not properly report the suspected user, your report will be closed and moved to the graveyard section. It is important to include all details!

    *Your Username: Quartiles
    *User You're Reporting: ImTrusted
    *Proof of Scam:
    Additional Information: I won a bet, and I won 40t. He put in 40t and said he was 1t loose? Wtf? He put in 40t and that's all he needed to, not 41t... Then he went, I FOLLOWED HIM, he unloaded, came back, I cam back, he went offline.

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