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Thread: Possible fansite entry?

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    Question Possible fansite entry?

    I'm just wondering if it was possible to enter a fansite to become official, and what the process would be to do so.

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    You must ensure that you've made a fan site which meets the following requirements:

    A list of the Fresh Hotel staff.
    A working radio, doesn't matter if DJed or streamed off another radio station.
    Latest features in Fresh.
    News about Fresh.
    Fresh Hotels official rare values, and pictures of new unreleased rares with a description of them.
    Newest badges/furni in Fresh.
    Preferably a paid domain (.com/.org/.net etc) however is acceptable.
    A forum for users to discuss areas of Fresh on.

    If your fan site does so, you must email " " (once it is running) with a subject of "My Fansite", with your username and your working link. If you do not do so, your email will not be read.

    It appears the deadline was on the 30th of December 2014. Due to this, I will still recommend sending an email, however I believe you should also speak with Kane. If there were a lack of people who created a 'fan site' I am sure he will possibly look into yours, if it is ready, of course.

    For more information please check this reference:

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