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Thread: Auto-Server Banned me & I feel the Banned was unnecessary.. :) pls help

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    Auto-Server Banned me & I feel the Banned was unnecessary.. :) pls help

    Hi Kane,
    So this was what exactly happen.. Me and another pal of mine in fresh, we were betting high and low mills of diamonds and trading almost so many times, we cannot remember. In the end of the trade, I said to rise the trade up to 200mill which was no wrong as long as my opponent or my pal accepts the challenge.. so then, he accepted and we fought but sadly for him.. he won and took 200mill.. btw i also lose almost 80% like 180mill b4 we fought this round but i managed to get back after this round. After that, he asked me 50m vs 50m so then i said "ok". This time he won so i gv him his money. After that, I dont feel like playing another so i denied any challenges more he offer and i said "sorry" plus a few text after that. In a blink of a eye.. he left and left me with another guy (forgetten name) and he was speaking to me and i also said text i cannot remember but we did not bet yet. I think he as me 90m vs 90m and then i said "sure" and so sudden, I was auto-banned from fresh. xD I was so so shock.
    I know this is long Kane, pls take ur time to read all this and hopefully everything i said is detailed enuf and if it's not, ask me more and ill reply more

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    You have been unbanned.

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