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Thread: I didnt scam, my friend did not me..

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    I didnt scam, my friend did not me..

    Include username of the account that was banned : Mondragon17

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Kane

    Expiry date : 10 March, 2025

    Email of the account in question :

    Reason for the ban : they said goshen scam, and i got ban too..

    Why the ban should be lifted? : i didn't scam someone, and goshen is my friend i just came on their place to play fresh, and i don't know why i get banned too, so please help me please, im only want to play fresh....

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    We process all ban appeals except a several these include things such as scamming, advertising, blackmailing, threatening, and charging back payments are not going to be reviewed and instantly denied. However everything else is appeal able at this time.

    Excuses such as it was a family member or I was banned for no reason are invalid and will not be processed.

    Attacking the staff member in an appeal will not get you anywhere either

    Being banned by a staff member who is no longer active on the hotel will have slower appeal response time as they're not here to explain why the ban did happen and we'd have to check it entirely

    Please be sure to check back here every so often as we can change the concept of how ban appeals are examined.

    Thanks for the read & if this helped you save time feel free to show me some love and give me a like

    Automatic server bans can not be appealed as they're lasting only an hour.

    Thread locked.

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