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Thread: Unfairly banned.

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    Exclamation Unfairly banned.

    Include username of the account that was banned : Marcell

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Jonteh

    Expiry date : 2028

    Email of the account in question :

    Reason for the ban : Holland

    Why the ban should be lifted? : I am allowed to play Fresh Hotel even if I'm from a different country, I've been treated disrespectfully just because of the fact that I'm a Dutch person. I find this unacceptable, my ban should be lifted because I did not break any rule. I do remember where Jonteh came up to me and told me to change my outfit because it looked similar to his one. If he does not like being mimiced then he can easily turn it off by typing a simple command. He had no valid reason to ban me.
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    Most annoying user 2k16, but if you want reasons why I think you should be banned, then you can have them

    1. You spam my kik messenger asking me why I don't like you and other stupid shit (even before ban)
    2. You asked me to help you and your (e)girlfriend set up a hotel. You're lucky I didn't ban you then.
    3. You didn't change when I asked you to.
    4. Most annoying user 2k16, worse than user xHost
    5. Holland is a shit ban reason, I'll give you that, but I couldn't think which of the previous 4 reasons to use at the time so I used that.

    Ban appeal DENIED.

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