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Thread: Interesting Idea for The Hotel

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    Interesting Idea for The Hotel

    I think it would be good idea to implement some sort government-scheme where there is a poll on the homepage which gives users an option to vote for a Fresh party. Each Fresh party should have their own policies that effect the Fresh economy and credits system. For example, Fresh Democratic Party could have higher taxes of like 150c an hour but pay out 500c every 3 hours etc. Fresh Conservative Party could have lower taxes and higher payout of 100c an hour for 600c every 3 hours. Each party should have their own effect on the economy as well which could potentially deter the richer Fresh users or the poorer Fresh users from voting. I just think that if somehow this was implemented, it could give Fresh even more depth and potentially attract more users. Each party could also have a leader as a representitive who could campaign the hotel to win votes. It would probably make a few people happy knowing that if they can't be staff, they may be able to be a leader/member of a Fresh Party.
    Thanks for reading!
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