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Thread: Rasher (+Ip) is banned, I need help.

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    Rasher (+Ip) is banned, I need help.

    Include username of the account that was banned : Rasher

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : At first it said Rico then when I tried reloading it said Kayla

    Expiry date : 18 February, 2024

    Email of the account in question :

    Reason for the ban : Advertising

    Why the ban should be lifted? : Well, I didn't know why I got banned at first because I was just in my room alone then I got banned. Jonteh posted about the auto ban for advertising, I don't know if this is a glitch or something but here I am making an appeal. I really don't know what's going on so please help :-)

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    It says that you're not banned, you must be using a VPN. (
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