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Thread: Beware of suspicious links

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    Beware of suspicious links

    We've been informed that in the past couple of days if not weeks of suspicious links being spread across the website.

    It would seem the perpetrators are banned users for either scamming or advertising.

    the links they are posting around the website are something like these.

    We believe there is a hundred possible more links, the above are some we ran into in the past couple of days! so it's safer by simply never clicking anything or visiting any URL you're asked.

    What happens if I click it or have accidentally clicked it?

    Well it sends the person who created the link at the original website your IP address which pinpoints your location and them having your IP address could have them knock you offline as long as they wish. (It seems it also sends them the computer version and browser type you are running).

    I believe i'm a victim, any quick fixes?

    If you visit and click the "Learn More About This IP" and if it says you have a dynamic IP, you're in luck. Simply powering your internet router off for 5mins and back on will assign you a new IP address thus deeming the one that IP grabber has old outdated and useless.

    If it says you have a static IP then may god be with you, your internet provider does not let you get new IP addresses on reboots and you're stuck with the same one for as long as you're with that provider.

    I have spotted a few people currently trying this on fresh?

    Report these bastards at the user reports section on the forum and we'll punish them to the fullest extent.

    We're working on adding these links to a wordfilter in-game to help stop this bullshit.

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    Thank you @Kane so much, now I know it's illegal as so many people have done it to me (I am so gullible) so i click the link and it just sends my ip. I was DDOSed 2 weeks ago and was really sad as I could've avoided it.

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