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Thread: Automatic server ban.

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    Automatic server ban.

    My user name is InDeep.

    I recieved an 'Automatic Server ban' The reason being Spamming : 'how are you?'

    Issues on 17th March 2016, Duration: 60 minutes.

    I find the ban pointless and poorly handled, as i was simply talking to multiple people on the private chat, Im assuming this issue is being suffered by others as well, I had simply asked, 'how are you' to a few of my friends. Being only an hour ban, I think lifting it is pointless, but I feel that staff should be aware of how the automatic bans are being handled as it adversely effects members, and will ultimately affect everyone at some point.

    Sorry if this is a double post as my intial forum post didnt seem to get posted.

    Thankyou for your time, and i hope the matter is looked into an resolved for the better of the community.

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