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Thread: Unban me? idk what kinda title goes here tf?

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    Unban me? idk what kinda title goes here tf?

    Include username of the account that was banned : CheakyLilBeggaAintShe24

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Chels

    Expiry date :13 years from now

    Email of the account in question : [email protected]

    Reason for the ban : apparently I was abusing staff not that I was even in a room with staff lmao

    Why the ban should be lifted? : first off chels abusing her power as staff should be an automatic unban but also because of the fact that I was banned for 13 years for apparently abusing staff yet i didn't even know any staff were even online nor did i know i was in the presence of staff. so Chels TF? oh and I know it don't mean shit but this account is my original and ive had it since I joined fresh back October 2012

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    Infact you were banned for 24hrs on HarderStylesKid having told users to go kill themself and drink bleach. You then looked a further 4 accounts on abusing me earning yourself an ip ban. Denied

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