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Thread: Just deal with it?

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    Just deal with it?

    Ok, so I'm gonna cover a few things here that you're all becoming really annoying with. Yeah the hotel has changed you've lost everything.. so has fucking everyone, put up with it. Am I happy I've lost all my friends? No. But I'm doing what I can to find and re-add the people I talk to regularly. Just learn how to use R63B you ungrateful shits. And to all the people saying lets just go to boon/rise etc. They're exactly the fucking same, they too are R63B. YOU'D BE MAKING NO CHANGE. Plus Era (the owner of rise) is dumb slut and rise is cancerous hotel anyway. If I can ask that this thread be closed so people don't comment and start a shit fight, that'd be much appreciated To basically sum everything up, just put up with the fucking change. R63 it's extremely outdated and old and it's good to actually have this upgrade, it's new, it's better, it's different. And quite frankly the hotel needed the change.

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    Well said

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