I actually don't mind the update, except for the fact that my old rooms are wiped permanently, but I thought "Hey! You can always make new ones!" and I was so excited for the new wired as well. So I decided making a base wars since it's a great wired game on Habbo but then I was halfway (more like 60%) into finishing my Base Wars when I tried using the "Wired Condition: User is on Team x", the wired options didn't come up and I tried double clicking it a ton of times to no expense. So that was my time and effort wasted on building but it would be great if the staff fixed the new wired instead of just showcasing them in the catalog. It would make a ton of innovative games if the new wired were fixed.

TLDR; "Wired Condition: User is on Team x" is broken as well as other new wired.