Okay so, I mean you are probably working on it but I think the server would greatly benefit from a Fully Automatic store page.

I think I've been waiting at least three days to spend my points that I was given but its been a real struggle to find Crackery, Gxnge or Muscab and whenever I do find them they tend to be afk, or busy.

A Fully automatic store page would allow for people to buy points via any method they choose and receive the points within the next 24hours, whether the payments be manually checked by muscab daily and then given to the player, or they are given on confirmation of payment automatically and then checked by muscab manually later on, banning people selfish enough to exploit the store and making sure who want to help the server get their points.

People shouldn't have to wait on a higher member of staff to be able to spend their points, If people find spending their points a hassle they they will be unlikely to buy points again, What this would require is for the person to be online to receive their items, (Maybe excluding rank purchases) this will allow people to spent their points easily and get the things they want, when they want them.

I understand that this may be difficult to do and it will take time to remove any exploits with making the store automatic, but it will benefit the hotel greatly as making buying points and spending points an easier process will encourage people to go and buy and spend points, giving more funding for the server.

Thanks, and I hope you can consider my suggestion.