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Thread: bunch of suggestions all gathered up

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    bunch of suggestions all gathered up

    so here are a bunch of suggestions I got earlier today:

    ☆Encourage people by further making events in hotel by making an Event Host Of The Week where players would pick theyre favorite event hoster where the most one will get rares as a prize (which he can use as prizes for further events!) that and/or staff events.

    ☆I dunno if it was seen but would be nice for Vault page being renewed as all the prizes are taken.

    ☆This was a random suggestion but how about adding a :screenshot command where the client would be automatically screenshotted.

    ☆Room owners being able to spush,spull (may come in handy sometimes) thought if its restricted to vip would be better

    ☆A Gamer Of The Week to also encourage users to play more events ( with possible event points and event points leaderboard to know who got most? ). (can makes badges for this too?) (P.S. users wouldn't have to participate as they'd be chosen on the most points!)

    ☆LTD of the week back (like the ones we used to have) where users could weekly choose which rare they want to be released for a {day,hour,etc..}.

    ☆also I noticed this
    When action is carry and the avatar is on direction 4 the hand seems to get messed up??

    and these suggestions are not taken from anywhere as they're all simple thoughts that came through my head and they're just suggestions, so you can like them or not.

    Give me your opinions through comments!
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