The old system which was implemented by @TheJacob & @Kylie seems to no longer work for the current hotel.

So i've decided to edit it a little so it's fair for everyone to be put on the list as soon as they wish.

The path to the webpage is https://fresh-hotel.org/trusted

Bronze dealer program requirements : pay 50t to kane and be placed in the bronze dealer position and be given a trusted dealer badge.

Silver dealer program requirements : pay 100t to kane and be placed in the silver dealer position and be given a trusted dealer badge.

Gold dealer program requirements : pay 200t to kane and be placed in the gold dealer position and be given a trusted dealer badge.


Why must we pay?

IF you do scam down the line, the deposit you place will be used to cover the person you scammed

But what if someone deposits 50t and scams like 200t?

we'll cover the scam with the initial deposit and nothing more, better than nothing right?

This person who is a trusted dealer scammed me and someone else, how will the deposit he paid be split between us both?

I'll give the deposit to whoever provides the youtube video on the forum with a scam report thread first.

Can other staff members be given the deposit for the trusted dealer system?

Nope, Kane should only be given the deposit to be on the system, trading someone else will not get you far.

Kane is hard to get ahold of in-game, does he have a direct email I can use to get in contact regarding this program

Yes, support@taken.pro

What if i've paid the deposit and i've not scammed for 6 months, do I get a return on my deposit?

Nope, the deposit will forever be in Kanes possession, so that we've got this hanging over you incase you do decided to go rogue.

I'd like to pay real money to be put on the trusted dealers program, instead of fresh rares, is that possible?

Yes, head over to https://taken.pro and we've got the trusted dealer program being sold there for a reasonable price.