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Thread: Password Reset Failure *NEW 14/8/2016 PLEASE READ* URGENT

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    Password Reset Failure *NEW 14/8/2016 PLEASE READ* URGENT

    Fresh Hotel username: JamesDoesMinecraft
    Email address:
    Country of residence: Australia
    Approximate registration date: 2013
    Last sign in date: 2/3/2014 (sorry if I get it wrong, its been a while)
    Internet Protocol (IP) address:
    Internet service provider (ISP): TPG, before it may have been optus at the time I had the account but most likely TPG
    Username of other account(s) on the same IP Address (optional): James51, Bamitznikki1211, taylor, aliceraw, wifijames, cutetaylor, xxxbamitzdianaxxx, KellyXP, TaylorXP, JamesRAW, DylanRAW, AliceRAW, JadeRAW

    Yes I have tried your new feature which doesn't work at all. My guess is from the fresh roll-back(s) my email also reset to a stuffed up one, I definitely didn't change my there is something wrong with this new system. I recently got back to retros and now I can't reset the password despite leaving the email secured on that account after I left. Muscab when he was founder, reset the password for me a year or two ago which I guarantee the email was as I stated but either it got changed or this new system isn't working.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	jdm.jpg 
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    This image shows what it comes up with after I enter correct email.

    Please help me out, thank you!

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    I'm not sure what you're asking for here exactly? are you asking me to reset all those accounts passwords?

    It's not our business for starters to reset password for people who make 73 accounts with bogus emails anyway.

    have fun guessing your password this is about as much help you will get from any staff on this forum.

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