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Thread: Banned again

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    Banned again

    Include username of the account that was banned : conn0r12

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Leon

    Expiry date : 10th January 2028

    Email of the account in question : Idk

    Reason for the ban : Staff abuse?

    Why the ban should be lifted? : I havent said anythin about the staff and im gettin banned for nothin? Ask the people that were there with me cause i wasnt talkin about staff i was talkin about my mate called chels didnt know there was staff called chels so why would i talk about them

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    You knew who you was talking about, I witnessed the conversation, then suddenly after you pleading with me, 30mins later you say your friend is called Chels which is to much of a coincidence.

    I have discussed this appeal with @Kane and he is in agreement your account will remain banned for Staff Slur

    The account will remain banned however i have removed the IP part of the ban, so you can create a new account but if this happens again i will IP Ban you, make no mistake in that

    Appeal Denied

    Fresh Hotel Manager

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