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Thread: Nereid Ban appeal

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    Nereid Ban appeal

    Include username of the account that was banned : Nereid

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Phillipx3

    Expiry date : 06 May 2029

    Email of the account in question : Oooft, I can't remember :s

    Reason for the ban : Unspecified.

    Why the ban should be lifted? : Well, from what I am aware of is that I have been getting harassed by a user saying he's gonna get me banned for evading a ban but I honestly don't know I was evading a ban. He then comes into the room I'm in with Phillipx3 and then I'm superbanned. I asked the user to stop harassing me on several occasions but he just doesn't stop. There's been a few occasions were he's even sent people into my rooms to spam stuff like "George the tranny", "tranny scum" and so on, I don't take it to heart, I am trans but, it's just irritating and harassment, I come on fresh to get away from that, not have it carry on :/

    Screenshot of the ban screen:
    Screenshot of what I had said before the ban, taken by my friend:

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    Ban appeal denied.

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