Ok, guys I am going to try and make this as concise as possible. Well, I have decided to quit fresh hotel for personal reasons to do with school work and shit like that. Fresh has been an amazzzzzzzing experience. A lot of the users were friendly which was the kind of environment, I enjoyed being in. From the many agencies that I joined and the users that I became friends with, these were some aspects that were great and I will treasure for a long time. lol, going back on my promise on making this farewell concise anyways I don't want to trouble you with all my great feelings towards fresh so from the bottom of my heart, I will miss Fresh but I think it's the best option that I quit. Shout out to @Kane and @Jonteh for being such legends on the forums. A shout out to @Chels and @Cattle for always being there for users, no matter what and being very prompt in responses. And there was no way I could forget @aligamerzone21 @Zm1234 @Securitys & @TheUndetaker for being absolute beasts at helping other users out and always giving a valuable opinion in contributing to the forums. So, this is where I leave you, I will miss fresh sooooo much but I have to go and I wish you (yes, you right behind that computer screen) the best in your future endeavours and lead a successful life.

-Signing out, Swish