Hello. I was attempting to : propose x to a good friend of mine on Fresh Hotel. We both use female avatars in-game. When I proposed, I got a message from Fresh Hotel that said, quote, "There is to be no faggotry in Fresh Hotel".

One, this is not okay. Not in the least. I get it that maybe it's supposed to be a joke, but it's very offensive and wrong. We live in 2016, almost 2017, and Fresh Hotel management makes these kinds of jokes? It honestly makes me question the guys running this whole thing. Also, 'Faggot' is the kind of word that turns homosexual people into your enemies for life. Not okay.

Two, if a screenshot of this happening in-game is needed, I will screenshot it and send it to the forums as evidence. But trust me, I wouldn't lie about this. I literally made an account on Fresh Forums to report this incident of abuse. Not cool, guys. Not cool.