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Thread: kane sry for spam, FINAL ONE PLEASE READ

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    kane sry for spam, FINAL ONE PLEASE READ

    The DDOS attack was a troll. Back in 2015 I loved to troll people but I look back and see I failed hugely as a troll and I'm sorry if that threat was seriously taken by you or Divide.

    DDosing is for kids anyway, imo

    But I have done nothing since then to break Fresh Rules. I have been a loyal user since early 2012 and just want to play the game.

    I understand you wipe people who are to rich, but please. I just wanna bet and I don't think I can stop doing it and I don't wanna be keep being wiped and other users dont. I understand it's something you have to do to keep the economy up, but can you please let me survive?

    If I have to send me your email to buy Anti Wipe, but Id please like a return in my rares which was taken from me.

    Thanks Kane.

    I would of just PM'd you or emailed you but it wont let me.
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    grow up i'll never take you serious and will just refuse everything and anything

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