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Thread: InginKuDiBenci Perm IP Ban Request

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    InginKuDiBenci Perm IP Ban Request

    I just wrote a long summary of the incident and the post got deleted.

    I also couldn't upload the zip. so I uploaded the footage to YouTube.

    Long story short, I was hesitant to bet bc he had 0 achievement score/i didnt think that was his main.

    I agreed, we played and after I won, since I was already down, I wanted to see if he'd pay, and I didn't think he had 10t to to pay me, I just kept at 5, where he denied my win, tried to close his dice and then proceeded to re-roll one of mine so it didn't look like a straight.

    We went back and forth for a little bit, when I just say I'm stopping the recording, and immediately report him and try to upload the footage.

    This is the URL:

    I'm requesting an IP Ban for the user InginKuDiBenci

    That is all.


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