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Thread: Fernessed scams 800m and its not his first time

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    Fernessed scams 800m and its not his first time


    Today Ferness scammed me 800m in my own Cino.
    Ferness is my cousin and he has scammed multiple times.
    As soon as i finished the recording, he transferred all his stuff to another account called PEASENTH
    which is also a scamming account where he has scammed many times.
    Most of them with me seeing them.

    I know that he transferred as it's his normal procedure and it was kind of obvious with the way he acted
    he wont put 8bill(which i gave him) at risk, and many supers.

    This wont be the last time he scams, if he manages to make another account or scam on peasenth.

    PS: he has scammed more than once today

    Thank you for any help given

    Kind Regards,

    PSS: I advise you IP ban him, as he is known to come back on other accounts

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