Include username of the account that was banned : BigLem74

Include username of the staff that added the ban :KayDerp

Expiry date :21/june/2028

Email of the account in question :[email protected]

Reason for the ban : miunderstanding

Why the ban should be lifted? : me and whiiped were betting 100m and he would close dice really fast to where i couldnt see what he rolled. i stated multiple times to slow down so i can see what he is getting told him not to close dice until we both say ag or re or 2u or 2me i let him go on this a few times then he did it again a little while later but i swore he had 1 pair while i had 2 and he swore he had trips both of us have video evidence execpt mine didnt record his roll becuase it stopped recording as my rec. only rec. 10min intervals. i ended up saying i would pay him tried and so did my friend name yatchy we both traded him to givve him his measly 100m and he denied and said he was reporting and he didnt want our money. i have the money to pay him and alot more and stated i would pay him just to get him off my back and yatchy would vouge for me. i thought he was trying to scam me. and i feel it is very unprofessional and disrepectful to users that you just ban without getting their side of story too. you literally just banned me overnight. no questions asked. I have video evidence of me saying id pay him id just have to find it. I wasnt intentionally trying to scam him it was a misundrestanding because he closed the dice and i didnt see what it was. i told him repeatedly to slow down on closing the dice he did not i said i would pay him but i wasnt going to bet him anymore he didnt want to take my money. even tho i was gonna pay him i still dont think im at fault. I love fresh and was just a starting to get into the game hardcore, i was meeting friends and having a good time please dont make a misunderstanding ruin my fun on fresh.