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Thread: Proof of staff abuse lmao!

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    deffo shook xdxd

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    Quote Originally Posted by KayDerp View Post
    Theres been a misunderstanding here. Jord I know you're going to defend yourself in all of this because you don't like me for whatever reason you chose, but lets get all of this straight and talk like civil human beings.

    I would like to start off by saying that I have never banned anyone that Rachael has told me to. Whether you believe me or not, it's fine, and I know she said 'FALSE' but she doesn't even understand. - this is just when she told me to ban Dillon yesterday but I never did.

    All I can say is, I've never abused before and I stay dedicated to keeping Fresh safe
    Understood, be careful in the future as you're now on my radar

    Quote Originally Posted by MDMAJ View Post
    Acting as if you don't know about when you was saying my sisters name in a room to act big, even tho everyone's seen my doxed considering I leaked it:s gd try tho!! & I threatened & 'abused' you & Rachael due to the fact you was both causing shit for no reason n obviously both regretted it in the end ayee Xx
    I appreciate your report however i'm lenient on him as he's been around for years and has never done bad by me, however doesn't mean hes immune from punishment when something credible approaches my desk.

    Quote Originally Posted by MDMAJ View Post
    LOOOOOL, so you n Rachael starting the whole thing aint doing shit, alright pal. jump in a skype call with me?
    Stay classy

    Quote Originally Posted by KayDerp View Post
    Nah man no Skype, don't feel like being threatened tonight
    This about sums up the whole forum thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by MDMAJ View Post
    deffo shook xdxd
    And on that note, case resolved, in favour of kayderp being on a warning to watch his back for now.

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