Hello everyone,

Just creating this based on graphics design, it makes everything much more appealing and satisfying to look at. Especially when different images come in to play each time, so for that purpose i'm looking for a dedicated graphics artist to make images for your very own Fresh Hotel.

This contains work in the following:
- Article images, to make news articles more appealing.
- Rare value images so users get a clear vision on what rare they're looking for.
- Designing images for the store page when needed.

And anything else that comes into mind along the track, only put your hand up if you're dedicated towards Fresh, as you may have to do more work then you expect. Also only raise your hand for this offer if you're in it to help the community, this task will not gain you rares, although you can be rewarded credit in a news article if it includes some of your graphics.

If you think this will fit your schedule then drop some of your work in comments, and if you're really eager then explain why you would love to work amongst the Fresh community as an official graphics artist.