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Thread: Official Rare Values

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    Post Official Rare Values


    T = Throne
    M = Millions

    B = Billions

    Basic Rares

    Throne - 1.5B Each
    DJ Decks - 700M Each

    Typos - 600M Each
    Dragon Eggs (Dino) - 600M Each
    HC Sofa - 400M Each
    HC Knights - 5B Each
    Director Chair - 5B Each
    Petal Patches - 200M Each
    Ambers - 200M Each
    Fans - 200M Each (10B for Orange Fan)
    Golden Tablet - 4B Each
    Square Thrones -500m Each (9 in set - 3.1B)
    Star Throne - 600M Each
    Gold Nelly - 4B Each
    Silver Nelly - 3B Each
    Bronze Nelly - 5B Each
    Panda - 5B Each
    Rabbits Set (10 in 1 set - 5B Per)

    Dragons Holo Set (10 in 1 set) - 2B Per

    Voodoo Doll - 300M Per

    Beats Set ( 6 in 1 set) - 200M PER SET

    "Snake skin" Throne - 750m per or (9 in set, 6.7b per set)

    Big Dragons Set (13 in 1 set) - 500M Each (Crystal 7B)

    Hippos Set (13 in 1 set) - 2B Each (26B Per Set)

    Infobus - 10B
    Habbo Club Roundchair - 7B

    Ice Cream Maker (Icm)

    (11 in 1 set)

    Blue ICM - 2B
    Gold ICM - 2B
    Ochre ICM - 2B
    Choco ICM - 2B
    Aqua ICM - 2B
    Green ICM - 2B
    Fucsia ICM - 2B
    Pink ICM - 2B
    Purple ICM - 2B
    Red ICM - 2B
    Silver ICM - 2B


    (8 in 1 set)

    Forest Dragon Lamp - 2B
    Fire Dragon Lamp - 2B
    Sky Dragon Lamp - 2B
    Blue Dragon Lamp - 2B
    Jade Dragon Lamp - 2B
    Pink Dragon Lamp - 2B
    Black Dragon Lamp - 2B
    Frost Dragon Lamp - 2B

    Metal set (Seperate from above)
    Silver Dragon Lamp - 50B
    Golden Dragon Lamp - 25B
    Bronze Dragon Lamp - 30B

    Spaceship Door (Mono)

    Sky Spaceship Door - 200M
    Jade Spaceship Door - 100M
    Black Spaceship Door - 400M
    Aqua Spaceship Door - 100M
    White Spaceship Door - 150M
    Pink Spaceship Door - 7B
    Yellow Spaceship Door - 2B

    (7 BILLION OR 45T A SET)


    Red BirthBath - 500M
    White BirdBath - 5B
    Blue BirdBath - 5B
    Green Birdbath - 5B

    Trophy Cups

    Bronze Cup - 7B
    Silver Cup - 1B
    Gold Cup - 1B


    Red Holoboy - 200M
    Purple Holoboy - 250M
    Yellow Holoboy - 250M
    Blue Holoboy - 5B
    Pink Hologirl - 5B
    Green Holoboy - 3B


    Star Pillow - 400M
    Bronze Pillow - 500M
    Silver Pillow - 7B
    Black Pillow - 5B
    Nyan Pillow - 600M
    Golden Pillow - 200M

    Dragon Thrones

    (9 in 1 set)

    Fire Scaled Throne - 2B
    Bronze ScaledThrone - 2B
    Gold Scaled Throne - 2B
    Jade Scaled Throne - 2B
    Forest Scaled Throne - 2B
    Sky Scaled Throne - 2B
    Silver Scaled Throne - 2B
    Frost Scaled Throne - 2B
    Black Scaled Throne - 2B

    Small Dragons

    (12 in 1 set)

    Small Fire Dragon - 3B
    Small Bronze Dragon - 3B
    Small Gold Dragon - 3B
    Small Jade Dragon - 3B
    Small Forest Dragon - 3B
    Small Blue Dragon - 3B
    Small Sky Dragon - 3B
    Small Cyan Dragon - 3B
    Small Silver Dragon - 3B
    Small Frost Dragon - 3B
    Small Pink Dragon - 3B
    Small Black Dragon - 3B

    Small Valentine Dragon - 3B
    Small Saphire Dragon - 3B
    Small Crystal Dragon - 3B

    Small Ice Cream Machine (ICM)

    (14 in 1 set)

    Small Red ICM - 5B
    Small Ochre ICM - 5B
    Small Yellow ICM - 5B
    Small Green ICM - 5B
    Small Blue ICM - 5B
    Small Aqua ICM - 5B
    Small Jade ICM - 5B
    Small Purple ICM - 5B
    Small Fucsia ICM - 5B
    Small Pink ICM - 5B
    Small Lavender ICM - 5B
    Small Silver ICM - 5B
    Small Choco ICM - 5B
    Small Black ICM - 5B

    Small Gold ICM - 5B


    (11 in 1 set)

    Fire Sea Dragon - 2B
    Bronze Sea Dragon - 2B
    Gold Sea Dragon - 2B
    Jade Sea Dragon - 2B
    Forest Sea Dragon - 2B
    Blue Sea Dragon - 2B
    Sky Sea Dragon - 2B
    Frost Sea Dragon - 2B
    Pink Sea Dragon - 2B
    Silver Sea Dragon - 2B
    Black Sea Dragon - 2B

    Anubis Custom

    Anubis Bar - 300M
    Anubis Dragon - 2B
    Anubis Fan - 2B
    Anubis Hippo - 2B
    Anubis ICM - 2B

    Rainbow Custom

    Rainbow Throne - 550M
    Luminia Dragon - 750M
    Rainbow Dragon Lamp - 500M
    Rainbow Wing Dragon - 750M
    Rainbow Egg - 500M
    Rainbow Sofa - 350M
    Rainbow Laser Gate - 400M
    Rainbow Pillar - 300M
    Rainbow Dragon - 400M
    Rainbow Hookah - 2B

    Rainbow 234 Dragon- 750M
    Rainbow Red Dragon - 3B
    Rainbow Red headed Dragon - 4B
    Rainbow Black Dragon - 1B
    Rare_raindra, - 2B
    Rainbow Chest Blue - 5B
    Rainbow Chest 2B
    Rainboe Fan 750M
    Rainbow Altar- 500M
    Rainbow Amber Lamps - 1.2B
    Rainbow Gargoyle - 7B
    Rainbow Amber Lamps - 1.2B

    Candy Custom

    Candy Throne - 1.4B
    Candy Dragon - 1.3B
    Candy Egg - 500M
    Candy Voodoo - 1B
    Candy Patch - 350M
    Candy Pillar - 400M
    Candy BirdBath - 400M
    Candy Chair - 450M
    Candy Chup - 500M
    Candy Fan - 400M
    Candy Machine - 40M
    Candy ICM - 1.3B

    Tech Custom

    Tech Dragon - 2B
    Tech Egg - 750M
    Tech Pillar - 500M
    Tech Chup - 1B
    Tech ICM - 2B

    Monster Custom

    Monster Throne - 1.5B
    Monster Egg - 1B
    Monster Fan - 700M
    Monster Voodoo - 700M
    Monster Cola - 700M
    Monster ICM - 1.6B

    Custom Dice
    Per set

    Aqua GlassMaster - 200M
    Spring Green GlassMaster - 200M
    Yellow Green GlassMaster - 200M
    Gold GlassMaster - 500M
    Bronze GlassMaster - 200M
    Dark Red GlassMaster - 200M
    Red GlassMaster - 330M
    Dark Pink GlassMaster - 200M
    Purple GlassMaster - 320M
    Blue GlassMaster - 330M
    Light Blue GlassMaster - 200M
    Green GlassMaster - 200M
    Coloured Dice -100M
    Laser Dice - 350M
    Mixed Dice - 3B
    Valentine Dice - 3B
    Candy Dice - 3B

    Royal Dice - 3B
    Ice Dice- 2B
    Tech Dice- 3B
    Crystal Dice - 5B
    Deep Dice - 4B

    Valentines Rares

    Valentines Throne - 1.5B
    Red & Pink Valentines Dragon - 2B
    Valentines Fountain - 1B
    Valentines Voodoo Doll - 2B
    Valentines Egg - 2B
    Valentines Merdragon - 4B
    Valentines Petal 1 - 1B
    Valentines Petal 2 - 1.5B
    Valentines ICM - 1B
    Valentines DJ - 1.1B
    Valentines HC Sofa - 475M
    Valentines Rose Sofa - 350M
    Valentines Throne Sofa - 500M
    Valentines Gentlemen - 5B
    Valentines Dragon Lamp (Pink with rose base) - 2B
    Valentines Rose Dragon - 3B
    Valentines Cola - 5B
    Valentines Pillar - 1.5B
    Valentines Box - 2B
    Holo Cupid - 2B
    Val16_HoloCupido - 3B

    Weed Customs

    Weed Throne - 1B
    Weed Dino - 450M
    Weed ICM - 1B
    Stoner Butler - 1.2B
    Weed Smoke Machine - 400M
    Weed DJ - 1B
    Weed Pillow - 420M
    Weed Dice (x5) - 2B A SET or 500M Each

    Fire Customs

    Fire Dino - 1.2B
    Fire DJ - 1.2B
    Fire ICM - 1.2B
    Fire Pillow - 500M
    Fire Smoke Machine - 1B
    Fire Arcade Throne - 1B
    Fire Throne - 1B
    Fire Dice (x5) - 3B a SET or 600M Each
    Volcano Rock - 2B

    Crystal Customs

    Crystal Spyro Dino - 3B
    Crystal ICM - 5B
    Crystal Cola Machine -2B
    Crystal percyrock - 15B
    Crystal chups : 6B
    Crystal skull chest- 7B
    Crystal chest2 - 5B
    Crystal chest3 - 5B
    Crystal Petal Patch - 3B
    Crystal Dice set - 3B
    Crystal Elephant Statue - 5B
    Crystal Fan - 2B
    Crystal Fish - 5B
    Crystal Fortune - 5B
    Crystal Fountain - 6.5B
    Cyrstal hippo - 7B
    Crystal Mini Hippo_ 2B
    Crystal Holoboy - 8B
    Crystal hologirl - 4B
    Crystal Merdrag - 10b
    Crystal Throne - 3B
    Crystal Big dragon lamp - 7B
    Crystal smoke machine - 2.5B
    Crystal voodoo- 2B
    Crystal Pillar - 4B
    Crystal laser port: 2B
    Crystal parasol - 6B
    Crystal minidrag - 3B
    Crystal shisha - 3B
    Crystal teleporters- 20B

    Ice Customs
    Ice Pillow - 2B
    Ice Chups - 2B
    Ice Fan - 1B
    Ice Icm - 2B
    Ice Percyrock - 5B
    Ice Voodoo - 3B
    Ice Fountain - 2B
    Ice Shisha - 2.5B
    "icedgram" - 4B
    Ice Blu Chair - 3B

    Sapphire Customs
    Sapphire Throne - 3B
    Sapphire Pillow 2B
    Sapphire Dino Egg - 1B
    Sapphire Dragon - 1.5b
    Sapphire Mini Drag - 2B
    Sapphire Fan - 2B
    Sapphire China Horse - 6B
    Sapphire Terminal - 5B
    Sapphire Merdrag - 4.5B
    Sapphire Pillar - 3B
    Sapphire Dragon Statue - 5b

    Chups Customs

    Chups - 10M
    Chups Egg - 8B
    Chups Pillar -7B
    Cups ICM - 4B
    Cups fountain - 5B
    Chups pillow - 7B
    Chups limukaappi - 2.5B
    Chups shisha - 8B
    Chups Parasole 20B

    Milka Customs
    Milka Throne - 4B
    Milka Dragon -3.5 B
    Milka Fish - 7B
    Milka pillow - 4B
    Milka fountain -5B
    Milka voodoo - 4.5B
    Milka ICM -3B
    Milka Merdragon -6B

    Zoroni Customs
    Zoroni Egg - 6B
    Zoroni Cauldron - 12B
    Zoroni Fan - 8B
    Zoroni Parasol -5B
    Zoroni Petal Patch -5B
    Zoroni Smoke Machine - 6b
    Zoroni Cola - 7B
    Zoroni inflatable: 5B
    Holo Crocodile Holos - All 1B Per

    Blue recliner - 200M
    Turquoise Recliner - 8B
    Green recliner - 8B
    Yellow Recliner -200M
    Pink Recliner - 8B

    Fruit Customs
    Pineapple Chair - 2B
    Watermelon Chair - 2B
    Strawberry Seat - 500M
    Coconut Chair - 500M
    Orange Chair - 200M
    Pear Chair - 500M

    Statue Customs
    Statue Or - 2B
    Statue Weapz - 2B

    Legendary Rares
    Black ICM - 3.5TRIL
    Executive ICM - 2.25TR
    Icy ICM - 2B
    Mystic Fountain - 2B
    Holo Nelly -2B
    Pink Dino - 2B
    Easter Dino -2B

    Misc Rares

    Angel Thrones - 6.5B
    Kane Trophy - 4B
    123 Dragon Set - 15B or 5B Per Lamp
    Blue and White Dragon - 10B
    Bongs - 500M Per OR 1B for a set
    Builder blocks - 5b per, 25B for a set
    Dragon Fountain (not sea) - 1B Per
    "Pigs with Santa Hats" - 2B
    Throne Blue - 1B Per
    Tiger Throne - 500m
    Cloud Throne - 200m
    Throne Jaune - 600m
    Blue & White Scale Throne - 5B
    Demonic Dragon Egg - 2B
    Blue Dragon Egg - 2B
    Red Dragon Egg - 3B
    Crane de cristal vert - 2B
    Crane de cristal rose - 2B
    Crane de cristal rogue - 2B
    Crane de cristal Jaune Jaune - 3B
    Blue Palm Tree - 1B
    Light Blue Palm Tree - 1.5B
    Purple Palm Tree - 1B
    Red Palm Tree - 2B
    Jaune Palm Tree - 2.5B
    Red smoke - 10B
    Black Dino - 800m (NOT to be confused with Black Dragon Egg)

    If you don't think a value is correct, please let Queen know in-game.
    Last edited by Chels; 11-01-2019 at 07:24 PM. Reason: value update - STICK TO THE VALUES

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    Bump for interested people

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    Seems about right. Thanks fam.

    [Username - JoeBets]

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    Values look good, thanks for taking the time to update them.

    I personally feel some things in here are listed as being worth too much.

    Things like...

    Thrones (red)
    Golden Pillow
    Yellow Spaceship Door
    Amber Lamps

    Also if you could confirm for those who don't have VIP, I heard that Gold Cups were in VIP cata. Is this true? If so- the value should drop accordingly.

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    Most amount of gold cups a user has is only 36 so i doubt it but i'll look into that,
    thrones were increased because of users increasing them in auctions, so there's no point keeping them at 200 if users sell for 250.
    I've taken your advice and made ambers and the yellow spaceship door a little cheaper,
    thanks for your input.

    Update: Just got proof of Gold Cup being in Gold VIP, lowered price, to benefit Gold VIP users I've made them a little more expensive to those who wish to buy that aren't Gold VIP rank.
    Last edited by Gucci; 02-11-2017 at 07:53 PM.

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    Thread has been made official rare values tab leading from the hotel to this forum
    I've also stickied this into the rares valued section at the top of the page, and closed dawns values as they're outdated
    Happy trading

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    These values are better Thank you for updating would be better if u put the price of the set such as for fans
    Last edited by Unorthodoxx; 02-11-2017 at 10:26 PM.

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  14. 02-11-2017
    When did thrones get bumped up to 250M, I thought they were 100M

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fackin View Post
    When did thrones get bumped up to 250M, I thought they were 100M
    Thrones haven't been 100m for ages, lol.

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    oh xD sozz
    Cash me outside how bout dat? Cash me outside how bout dat? Cash me outside how bout dat?

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