Name of account banned : xBamItzRubyx
Banned by : Chels
Expiry date : 02/11/29
email: [email protected]

Why the ban should be lifted: I was Asking if people wanted to join a retro game ( , created by Trelly) and I thought it was safe , due to the fact he was saying invite and stuff and it was my friend who invited me. But, I Asked people to join on invite, And I reckon that was the reason for the ban, but I think it should be lifted. I'm asking kindly if u can lift the ban, Even though I'm only gonna play until I spoken to my friend CJACHAMP who I miss, and hes really close friend who I'm not in contact with Atm, and I'm gonna ask for his social medias. That's all I want to do, Even ifu don't let me please get him notified, And I just wanna know hes ok. I hope u understand this, I promise never to break the rules again and I will take it seriously like really. thanks - xBamItzRubyx