What the hell is Discord?
Discord is a more secured version of Skype, where on Skype it's not possible to completely be free from getting your IP resolved through multiple means. On Discord, all your personal information is unreachable, therefore it's extremely more safe. Cannot be resolved, AT ALL.

It's a more advanced version of Skype though, it's like what the Android is to the iPhone, it's alot more complicated and holds alot more customization, features, etc.

What features does Discord have that Skype doesn't?
  • Fully customizable servers, anyone can create one.
  • Fully customizable BOTs that can moderate your chat, play music, interact with you, play games.
  • Completely controlled environment for servers, can restrict any number of specific links, words, etc.
  • Organized channels within servers for specific topics of discussion as to not flood a #general chat.
  • Addable emoji's for your server (up to 50) that you can create and add to your own server.
  • Customizable profile (Infinite name changes, avatar changes, status changes through "playing")
  • Integrated live game feed (If you're playing game that logs a .exe file it will connect to Discord and show that you're playing it)
  • Customizable volume while chatting to people on voice chat (e.g lower their volume ONLY)
  • Completely moderatable (e.g Bans/Mutes/Kicks/Purge members messages)
  • Can create roles with colour custom titles, separate restrictions and commands.
  • Higher quality voice communications (both individual calls and group calls)
  • Changeable layout.
  • Can mention users.
  • + More.

Are there any actual advantages to making an Official discord server?
There are a few:
  • You can have a BOT moderate the chat for you in terms of stopping spam/advertising.
  • You can interact with users in real time, like an IRC chat.
  • Easier contact to Staff members and faster real time replies from Staff.
  • Ban Appeals could transition into real time messages to staff.
  • A way to foster more involvement for the community.
  • You can connect Discord to your website's information to make it so that when people connect to the Discord through the forum, they will be shown as "ForumName" in that server rather than an anonymous custom username. If that makes sense.

I also understand that live chatting Staff members could mean that they could spam you but you can mute notifications from specific channels that hold no interest to you at all, whatsoever. You can also just enforce specific rules that can mean spamming a Staff members individual PM's results in an automatic denial of appeal, maybe a ban, or whatever the case may be because that's honestly so fucking annoying and I feel for that. BOTs are very customizable and can prevent alot of annoying things from happening if you use the right ones or create one with the functionality to do the things that you wish for it to do.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Discord or want some information about it before you decide on whether or not to integrate an Official server, feel free to message me.

Skype: strxbe
KIK: buiishit
Discord: kris#2988

Ok that's my two cents, hope you get one. It's fun as shit.