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Thread: Ban Appeal (Revised)

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    Ban Appeal (Revised)

    This is the template we are forcing users to follow for them to have an appeal processed and reviewed promptly

    Include username of the account that was banned : Niqqer, IP ban

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Gucci? Kane? Chels?

    Expiry date : 2028

    Email of the account in question :

    Reason for the ban : "Scamming"

    Why the ban should be lifted? :
    Just wanted to revise what I said earlier, if this appeal doesn't go through I'll take the loss and move on from a hotel I've been with since 2011. Thought it was worth one more try. Just read what I have to say, I spent time writing it out. If you wish the ban to remain, thats your choice. Thanks for your time.
    A user came up to me seeing a catalog rare in my room, she asked if it was a custom, I said no its not a custom furniture (Its not). She said oh its an original dragon then, and I said yes it was on original Habbo. The user then proceeded asking to buy it, not starting at offering 50M or anything, she then proceeded to jump right to 2.5B. (This is all real read the chatlogs, this user may be 11 years old). Next, I said of course why not, the user left and went to their room happily with the item. I ASKED THEM 3 TIMES IF THEY WANTED TO TRADE BACK VIA PM AND THEY SAID NO I WANT TO KEEP THE ITEM. (There is no rule about selling an item for more then its worth). 2-4 DAYS later this user comes back to me and tells me its in the catalog. I honestly, didn't know it was (thus a friend gave me the ICE dragon) and said i'm sorry, but you accepted it, I didn't know either. It had been around 2-4 days after we traded and I already spent the credits. The user then began to follow me around for close to 6 hours spamming every room I went into telling people i'm a scammer and I shouldn't be trusted. Reminder: This user purchased the item because they wanted too. The user then began to either make alternate accounts, or get an army together of random people who told them "I scammed them as well" At one point I had 4-5 random users all in the same room saying I'm a scammer, and one of them ended up telling me "Xxchosenone" or whatever was offering them money to spam me and lie to staff. We're talking about fighting between a 11 year old who made a poor choice, and bought a piece of furniture for more then its worth. There was no scamming. If you wish for me to remain banned, do as you wish. End of story, thanks for your time.

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    Appeal denied and a forum ban will be issued to you now to avoid cluster.

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