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Thread: Ive Been Re-wiped

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    Angry Ive Been Re-wiped

    I have a lot of friends on the client, and a lot of them felt bad for me, and as a result a lot of people donated me (Especially NINJA5656 who donated 20b and a lot of rares and ibooger who also donated a lot of rares) and other donated some too, i dont see the reason to be re-wiped just because bbydoll is mad that i got donations, i want some answers, You've wiped me clean once what is the reason to do it again? I dont want this to turn into a massive argument i simply just want some answers. Because quite frankly im more annoyed than i was before, I dont see why other peoples donations have to have been wiped. They were nice enough to donate and then they go and get taken aswell.

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    cry me a river

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