Include username of the account that was banned : sivantroye

Include username of the staff that added the ban : Chels

Expiry date : 13 Years from now

Email of the account in question :

Reason for the ban : Abusing

Why the ban should be lifted? : I think the ban should be lifted because i don't think it was a good enough reason to be banned, no warning or anything, i facepalmed somebody out of my room and then Chels banned me for abusing, im sure many people have been facepalmed out the door as all of those people have not been banned and remain on the client, also many people have been called names, and as of bbydoll the person who i facepalmed, she has facepalmed me and called me numerous names. I dont see her being banned? even if i didnt screenshot what she did i would of got the reason, 'Stop crying shes just name calling' I think this ban should be lifted because it seems pretty pointless to me.