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Thread: Hyetal Banned

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    Hyetal Banned

    Include username of the account that was banned : Hyetal

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Chels

    Expiry date : November 30 2029
    Email of the account in question :

    Reason for the ban : using fake account bennieee

    Why the ban should be lifted? : Alright, I just wanted to say what i did was wrong from the bottom of my heart by using the fake account bennieee. Benniee is a good friend of mine and i used it to try to 2 way the person that scammed me from my previous account Hyetal because benniee is trusted. It was my first day on this game and ever since i never scammed anyone and have been 100% trusted. I'm ashamed of what i did and i feel really bad because benniee is always so nice to me and helped me through everything when i first started. I apologized to him and told him im sorry and he accepted my apology. I know what i did was wrong and if you guys would consider me getting ban appealed/ If not im willing to pay $30 GBP for the unban but am scared i will get ban right away for no reason. Chels gave me an IP banned so i don't know if i can go back on after paying for the UNBAN too.

    I would like to say thanks for taking the time to read what i said. Im sorry benniee and i deserved the ban Chels, But please give me a second chance Chels, Gucci or Kane. This is a really fun game and i do enjoy every moment of it... because within the time im on fresh i made alot of friends and felt like this is the only social media game that will make me happy.


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    second chances aint possible, want an unban pay for it.
    I didn't ban you after you paid, I don't even see payments so stop that..

    I watched you scam on the account Bennieee (not Benniee) you also own TheMasterl2 (TheMaster12 clone) so stop the rubbish lies it's very boring. You also claim you and benniee are friends and always make names of each other, having spoke to him he said it's not true at all.

    You also admitted you scammed the person i watched you scam.

    Now stop ban evading and abusing my inbox you will be refused.

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