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Thread: Innovative casinodesigns that might give you some inspiration for future builds

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    Innovative casinodesigns that might give you some inspiration for future builds

    DISCLAIMER: The following designs were made up on the spot and finished in one or two sittings each. I've previously vaguely been taking inspiration from other builds in terms of heights and combinations of different rares mixed together, but never seen any to this day that have been using the ecotron furniture as a underlaying foundation for booths so I just built straight from my very own imagination.

    Design with Water Gardens & Polarsofas (Live on fresh right now)
    My idea of this casino was pretty straight forward, make it poor but not too poor so that people leave as soon as they enter, I want to give the furniture displayed a good reputation, using cheap furniture in a cocky fashion to showcase that you don't need to spend a fortune to make a good casino, all you need is attractive furniture in combination. A perfect example of this would be the 'ultras' from the VIP-catalogs, especially the ecotron furniture as they're a rare sighting on retros nowadays as their value is nearly nonexistent. So 80 spent millions later I was all geared up with around 65 water gardens, 15 polar sofas and all ready to build.

    Dragonbased casino bridged with booths beneath (Purple dragons were completely wiped from the hotel a few days after the release of this)
    Most casinos during the time this was released were all too basic for my personal preference. Most of them consisted of a square foundation with dices filling out the empty spaces until they've got more dices than actual rares in the room, more booths than their maximum visitors at once which absolutely makes no sense to me, keep in mind that this is still occuring. Anyways I focused on a simple yet fashionable foundation, to show people that you can make rooms so much better than the top-rated rooms at the time. My plan and structure would be represented by seats above the play-area connected to a bridge leading over to another set of booths. Also at the time the purple dragons were worth nothing more than two to three thrones each so gathering them was not an issue, for the bronze/silver/gold-set they were about ten thrones each though, otherwise I most likely would have placed a set over each booth, but as you can see I did not get that far.

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    Jesus Christ. v nice.

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