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Thread: official guccichris ban appeal

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    official guccichris ban appeal

    Include username of the account that was banned : guccichris

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Joel

    Expiry date : 01 January, 2030

    Email of the account in question : [email] Is my personal account, I do not know the email i signed up with

    Reason for the ban : you're a cunt, dont apply for a ban appeal as it will be denied

    Why the ban should be lifted? :I was recently unbanned by Kane the don himself due to my maturity and age because I was banned when I was younger. I am questioning the reason behind this ban because it has no reason nor proof of why there is a valid reason to have my account banned. Joel has banned my account without reason and calls me a cunt for no valid reason. I had did nothing wrong and this is for the favor of users he associates with daily. This ban lacks the incompetence to have any valid points to ban my account. I would like this thread reviewed by proffesional staff who ban with valid reasons and justice.
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    Ban removed

    @Joel can justify his reasoning to me or @aka.

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