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Thread: official guccichris ban appeal

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    official guccichris ban appeal

    Include username of the account that was banned : guccichris

    Include username of the staff that added the ban : Kane

    Expiry date : January 16 2030

    Email of the account in question : Forgot Email I signed up with (Signed Up in 2013)

    Reason for the ban : Mega Banned

    Why the ban should be lifted? : I am a dedicated user to Fresh Hotel Community, my account is easilly recgonized by most users on this retro easily without question and my online time is considerably greater than most staff that dedicate their lives to fresh. I deserve to be unbanned cause I respect all fresh users with well appeal and high regard, and I am well respected by your staff with high regards aswell. I think this ban was taken too serious because the girl who claims I sold her nudes has attempted to take legal action which is 3rd party and not related to Fresh Hotel, shouldn't interfere with my account jeopardy. I think this ban should be dropped because I am starting to run out of special names and gucci(insertspecialwordhere) due to the amount of bans I receive an hour of unproffesional bans with "fuck off" from Owen. I also think this ban should be dropped because this was mainly a ban request from Rchael who asked Owen, who asked you to ban me, because supposedly I sold nudes, (3rd party rules apply, also legal action is 3rd party and not fresh hotel related). My civil rights were also violated because on a side note I was banned because I am simply black. I also deserve to be unbanned because I am black.

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    mmm don't think this appeal is quite accurate

    spoke to Owen as well. he said, "You were never banned for selling her nudes, but exposing an underage girl. None of my ban reasons say "fuck off." as they would've been flagged up."

    however i'll leave this one to
    @Kane though considering it's his ban after all.

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    0 all GucciChris on GucciFiame abusing user Rchael despite asking to stop over and over

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